Technologies are constantly revolutionizing the way businesses communicate. More and more SMEs realize that they need something beyond just a PBX in their digital transformation strategy. The aspiration to remain competitive press them to look for a system that breaks down the barriers of distance and embraces flexibility and customization.


For SMEs that have higher expectations of a sophisticated communication system, they need a professional, reliable, and adaptable PBX system in place. Lack of efficiency-enhancing features, poor user experience, and inability to adapt to the fast-paced business environment make a communication system less desirable.


PBX Plus More Values and Possibilities


Yeastar addresses the challenges through the P-Series PBX System, a “PBX Plus More” product that allows businesses to have uninterrupted communications at all times in a fullyfledged system. Beyond just a PBX, it provides SMEs with visualized call management, video communications, advanced call center features, unified communications applications, anywhere anytime connectivity, and everything practical yet outperforming across browsers, mobiles, and desktops.


Available in the Appliance Edition and Software Edition, PSeries provides flexible deployment options, allowing you to have it sited on-premises or in the cloud. Balancing costs and future growth, it requires a lower total cost of ownership, less training, and fewer management efforts, whether making a phone system transition or starting from the ground up.


Third-party communication resources including IP Phones, CRM, collaboration tools can also be integrated easily with the P-Series to form a cohesive communication and collaboration solution and break the boundary of systems.


Optimized with the right set of features, ease of use and management, future-proof flexibility and adaptability, P-Series unifies voice, video, applications, collaboration and more to push boundless communications for SMEs.




Beyond just a PBX


  • Integrated appliance or software installation. Minimal setup hassle
  • Always-on connectivity with high performing Unified Communications
  • Regardless of distance and the choice of device
  •  Superior telephony features covering the must-haves to nice-to-haves
  • Integrated video conferencing for engaging remote meetings
  • Streamlined operations with visual call activities
  • Panel-based administration that makes things straightforward
  •  Granular permission based on different user roles
  • Remarkable functionality for SMEs at a better price
  • Built-in security mechanism to minimize system vulnerabilities
  • An integrated model that embraces more possibilities




1 PBX Plus UC Clients

Designed to enhance communication experience and efficiency, Linkus UC Clients allow P-Series PBX users to easily access a comprehensive suite of calling, conference, voicemail, presence, enterprise contacts, collaboration from a single interface using web browsers, mobile phones, and desktops. Employees can stay connected with colleagues and customers where, when, and however they prefer.

2 PBX Plus Video Communications

P-Series PBX System makes remote face-to-face communications instant, simple, secure, and engaging with the integrated 1:1 web video call and video conferencing features. Through a multimedia environment for interactive virtual conferences, SMEs can benefit from a more engaging meeting experience along with the integrated screen sharing, in-meeting team chat, and more.

3 PBX Plus Call Center

P-Series PBX System introduces an inbound call center solution to improve agent efficiency, responsiveness, and ultimately customer satisfaction for SMEs running service centers. Besides standard communications features, Call Distribution, Queue Panel, Wallboard, SLA, and Call Reports are all designed to support more proactive performance monitoring, reporting, and management.

4 PBX Plus Presence & IM

As fundamental parts of unified communications, Presence and IM help SMEs realize contextual collaboration and level up productivity. The Presence feature in P-Series PBX comes with rich information about users’ availability and great flexibility in switching the status while the IM feature, along with file sharing, complements other forms of communication and prompt employee engagement.

5 PBX Plus Operator Panel

The Operator Panel is a visualized console for corporate operators and receptionists to quickly handle incoming calls based on the real-time availability of employees. They can simply drag and drop on the panel to dispatch calls to extensions, ring groups, and queues. Besides, the flexible role-based permissions make it helpful under various scenarios by facilitating great


6 PBX Plus Contacts Directory

P-Series PBX System makes it easy and intuitive to organize contacts. Users can create and manage a company-wide directory and personal contact entries. Both are synced across Linkus UC Clients, IP phones, and the PBX, enabling easy access and dialing from anywhere. Each department have separate permissions to different phonebooks with CRM contacts automatically synced and updated.

7 PBX Plus Remote Working

P-Series PBX System helps SMEs adapt to the new norm of working from home by enabling BYOD mobility, reducing security and network administration challenges, supporting remote control and management, and combining team collaborations. With teleworkingfriendly features available out of the box, the dispersed teams unified under the same PBX system can remain engaged and productive.

  • BLF Support
  • Emergency Number
  • Personal Voicemail Greeting
  • Business Hours & Holidays
  •  Emergency Notifications
  • PIN List
  • Call Allow/Block List
  • Remote Extensions
  • Call Recording
  • Group Voicemail
  • Speed Dial
  • Concurrent Registrations for IP Phones
  • Mobility Extension
  • Custom Prompts
  • Music on Hold
  •  Voicemail
  • Distinctive Ringtone
    • MOH Playlist


Call Forwarding Caller ID  DND (Do Not Disturb)
Call Monitoring (Listen/Whisper/Barge-in)  CID-based & DID-based Call Routing  IVR
Call Parking Conference Rooms Paging & Intercom
 Call Pickup CDR & Basic Reports Queue
 Call Routing  Dial by Name  Ring Group
Call Transfer (Attended & Blind) DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
Call Waiting DOD (Direct Outward Dialing)