terms and conditions


1            Provision ofServices


a.         The Company undertakes to provide telephone communication services (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) to the Customer.


b.        The Service and quality thereof is dependent on several external factors such as other service providers, mobile telephone companies and carrier services. The company shall employ its best endeavors to deliver the highest quality service on a continuous basis but can never be held responsible for factors outside of its control which  may influence theService.




2            Terminal EquipmentWarranty

In some cases, the Company sells Equipment such as desk phones or PBX units, then and in such case;


a.         The Company warrants that terminal equipment sold directly by the Company to its agents or customers is compatible with the Company’s Service, and free from anydefect.


b.        Any defective equipment may be returned within 30 days of purchase date and the Company undertakes to  repair, replace or refund, at its discretion, the defective equipment, upon conditionthat;


i.             theequipmentwasusedinaccordancewiththeaccompanyingusermanual,and


ii.             the equipment was only used for the Company’sService.


c.         This warranty becomes void upon any modification or alteration of the equipment bythe Customer.


d.        Loss, theft or damage caused by fire, water, lightning, power surge, etc. is deemed to be covered by the Customer’s own insurance and not by the Company or thewarranty.


e.         This warranty shall laps if the defective equipment is not returned to the Company within 30 days of purchase, accompanied by the original receipt, packaging and allcomponents.


f.         Should it transpire that the Company’s Service is degraded as a direct result of the Customer’s modification of the equipment, the Customer waives any right to a refund or repair on the affected Companysupplied Equipment.


3            ServiceCharges


a.         By signing this Agreement the Customer agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, and to effect payment of monthly Service Fees, Talk Time and SMS top up payments as stipulated in Annex A to this Agreement, according to the payment arrangement in AnnexB.


b.        The Customer shall complete this entire Agreement including Annex A and B and either fax it to 012 941 9916 or email back tosupport@cnetworks.co.za.


4.1            Activation ofService


a.        TheCustomer’saccountwillbeactivateduponpaymentofthefirstmonthlyservicefee.

b.        The Customer agrees that the responsibility of safeguarding the usernames and passwords used to connect to the Service transfers to the Customer upon activation of the service. Should any unauthorized access occur whether by access to the Customer’s PBX or to telephones, then the Customer is solely responsible for possible losses that may occur as the Company cannot be held liable for access to such equipment at  any  time. Customers may

                 change their passwords at anytime.


4.2            Monthly Service (Subscription)Fees

a.        A Non-refundable Monthly Service Fee will be paid by the Customer on the first day of each month for each subscribed channel. Monthly Service Fees for the first month will be charged on a pro-rata basis to Customers who subscribe to the Company Service on any other day of themonth.

b.        If the Customer’s account goes into arrears, the account will be automatically suspended. This will result in the Customer not being able to use the Service until the account has sufficientfundstocovertheoutstandingmonthlyServicefeeandsometalktimefunds.

c.        Should this suspended status of the Customer’s account continue for two consecutive months, the account will be de-activated at the beginning of the third month. The Customer’s number(s) will then be placed back into the Company’s number pool and made available for re-assignment to othercustomers or incase of porting the number will only be ported back once account has been settled.


4.3            TalkTime


a.        Customers require Talk Time to use C Networks voice service and can purchase Talk Time directly from C Networks or possibly through the applicableagent.


b.        Any usage of C Networks voice service will be deducted from the Customer’s Talk Time at the applicable chargerates.


5        Cancellation andRenewal

a.        Upon cancellation of this Agreement in accordance with clause 1, the Customer will forfeit the monthly Service fee paidforthatnotifyingmonthandtheServicewillbede-activateduponreceiptofnotification within 30 days.

b.        Should the Customer wish to re-subscribe the Customer will be required to sign a new Subscriber Service Agreement.

c.        Should the Customer wish to use the number(s) previously assigned to it by the Company (before account de- activation) then the Company shall verify the availability of such number(s). Should it be available then the Company will re-assign the number(s) to the Customer, otherwise the Customer must use a new number which will be assigned by C Networks.

d.     C Networks reserves the right to cancel contract with client if client show any disrespect towards the company and its staff


6        Packaging &Shipping

 If the Customer requires packaging and shipping of equipment, the Customer will be billed for such services at going courier rates.


7        PricingPolicy 

a. Should the Company need to change monthly subscription fees, the Company will inform the Customer by giving one month’s notice before effecting suchchanges.

b.  The Company’s call rates and SMS rates for different destinations are subject to the changes of national and international rates from our interconnecting partners and the Company reserves the right to adjust these rates without priornotice.

c.    A minimum contract term will be 6 month and there after a month to month.

8        Connectivity

a.  The Company’s Service is provided over connectivity services obtained by the Customer from broadband (i.e. ADSL, 3G etc.) service providers for which the Customer or the Customer’s agent is responsible and the Customer is therefore advised to verify that services so obtained are sufficient for the proper use of  the Company’s Service. If C networks provides connectivity services to the Customer such connectivity services will not be governed by this Agreement, but by a separate connectivityagreement.

b.  The Customer acknowledges the dependency of the quality of the Company’s Service on the Customer-procured broadband service provider’s connectivity status and quality of service. If the Company determines at its sole discretion that the Company’s Service cannot continuously and successfully be provided over the connectivity provided by the Customer, then the Company reserves the right to cancel the contract withdue notice.


c.  The Company may charge the Customer for any technical call-out assistance provided in relation to the Company’sService.

d.  Technical call-out services will be charged at a minimum rate of R650 per call-out within a radius of 50 kilometers from the service center for the first hour and then R450 for every subsequent hour. Travel time and cost will be added for service beyond the 50kilometersradius.